Top 10 – April 2017

These are the most accessed articles in April 2017

1 – Physical therapy resources used in the treatment of most common diseases in eldery – a review study

Fernando Campbell Bordiak, Izabele Fagundes Machado, Gabriel Machado da Silva Alves, Jacyara Peruzzi, Líria Tainá Manhães e Raquel Aguiar Franco

2 – Sarcopenia in the elderly – a study review

Bruno Prata Martinez, Fernanda Warken Rosa Camelier e Aquiles Assunção Camelier

3 – Nurses’ quality of life at the workplace

Mariana Nascimento Freire, Emanuele Rosados Costa

4 – Treatment of fiber edema geloid with radio frequency – systematic review

Hellen Tiemi Abe, Lucas Lima Ferreira

5 – Cryolipolysis: applicability clinical and therapeutic prospects in localized adiposity – a systematic review

Rebeca Caroline de Souza Santos Ferreira, Alena Peixoto Medrado

6 – Effects of work gymnastics on worker health – literature review

Maysa Venturoso Gongora Buckeridge Serra, Lorrana Campos Pimenta, Paulo Roberto Veiga Quemelo

7 – Functional capacity of older people with Parkinson disease and Alzheimer – literature review

Itamara Prado Souza, Lidiane Meneses dos Santos, Viviane Santos Santana, Alexandre Gomes Feitosa

8 – Motor development in children with down syndrome in the treatment of equine therapy

Erika Brack Teixeira Araruna, Stephany Regine Garcia de Lima, Marcelo Prumes

9 – Oral health in ICU patients

Tarsila Spinola Pinheiro, Tatiana Frederico de Almeida

10 – Functional benefits of physical therapy for patients in hemodialysis

Roberta Maria Góes de Souza e Lorena Barreto Arruda Guedes

Source: Google Analytics / 2017 April

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