REC/JCN (nursing): New Issue Published

The latest issue of the Journal of Contemporary Nursing – JCN (Revista Enfermagem Contemporânea – REC) has just been published and is available for download free of any charge.

Call for Papers – If you have unpublished papers which you would like to have peer reviewed and considered for publication in our journal, you may submit them at our website free of any charge. The JCN accepts manuscripts on nursing and public health, including epidemiological aspects, diseases prevention and treatment and health policies.

Ranking – The JCN is now a B5 in the Nursing field of evaluation according to the 2015 CAPES/MEC-BR Qualis report that has just been released by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. The journal was ranked after an assessment of its contents and impact during 2015, when it was indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals – DOAJ.

Be a reviewer – We would like to highlight that the JCN is a scientific journal published through Open Journal Systems (OJS) as part of the Public Knowledge Project, an initiative to make the scientific knowledge available to the scientific community worldwide. If you are interested in joining our team of reviewers, please send us an email with your academic curriculum.

We are looking forward to your collaboration.

Thank you!


REC/JCN v. 6, n. 1 (2017) – Table of Contents


Eliana Auxiliadora Costa

Original Articles

Jane Kelly Oliveira Friestino, Aline Bernardo Alves Pinheiro Volpe, Sheila Marta Carregosa Rocha, Roseli Rezende, Carlos Roberto Silveira Corrêa
Izabelle Rodrigues da Silva, Adryanna Cardim
Claudia Freire Brito, Livia Mara Gomes Pinheiro
Ana Claudia Rocha, Gislângela Silva Andrade
Marília Pacheco Souza, Sabrina Meira Araújo, Mavy Batista Dourado, Glicia Gleide Gonçalves Gama
Morgana César Borges, Bruna Lauanne Borges Dias Gomes

Literature Reviews

Sara Moreira dos Santos, Denise Santana Silva dos Santos, Tania Christiane Ferreira Bispo, Fabiane Nascimento Nunes, Lucas Gama Passos Silva, Silas Ricarti Moniz Pacheco Lima
Alice Mayra Santiago Amaral, Diana Santos, Helen Cristina da Silva Paes, Isabele dos Santos Dantas, Denise Santana Silva dos Santos
Michele Antunes
Ademir Jones Antunes Dorneles, Graziele de Lima Dalmolin, Maria Graziela de Souza Moreira
Francielle Magalhães Souza da Silva, Edson Marcos Ferreira de Oliveira

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