RPF/JPR (physiotherapy): New Issue Published – v8n2

The latest issue of the Journal of Physiotherapy Research – JPR (Revista Pesquisa em Fisioterapia – RPF) has just been published and is available for download free of any charge.

Call for Papers – If you have unpublished papers which you would like to have peer reviewed and considered for publication in our journal, you may submit them at our website free of any charge. The JPR accepts manuscripts resulting from original scientific research on physiotherapy and related fields.

Be a reviewer – We would like to highlight that the JPR is a scientific journal published through Open Journal Systems (OJS) as part of the Public Knowledge Project, an initiative to make the scientific knowledge available to the scientific community worldwide. If you are interested in joining our team of reviewers, please send us an email with your academic curriculum.

We are looking forward to your collaboration.

Thank you!

RPF/JPR v. 8, n. 2 (2018) – Table of Contents



Motivations and challenges of physiotherapy researchers abroad
Maira Izzadora Souza Carneiro, Lorena Melo, Águida Foerster, Kátia Monte-Silva

Original Articles

Monique Ornellas de Almeida Avelino, Priscila Correia da Silva Ferraz
Amanda Estrela Gonçalves, Sibele Dayane Brazil Tenório, Priscila Correia da Silva Ferraz
Débora Ribeiro Paiva, Caroline Ferreira Guerreiro, Jorge Luís Motta dos Anjos
André Luiz Cordeiro, André Raimundo Guimarães, Thiago Araújo Melo, Jefferson Petto, Mansueto Gomes-Neto, Alinne Shannon
Hayre Santana Nascimento, Nildo Manoel da Silva Ribeiro
Yuri Santos Duplat, Achilles Motta Nunes
Cássio Magalhães Silva, Abilio Costa Pinto Neto, Balbino Rival Ventura Nepomuceno Júnior, Helena Pereira Teixeira, Micheli Bernadone Saquetto, Adelmir Souza-Machado
Wanessa Scavello Andrade, Kionna Oliveira Bernardes Santos
Oluwadare Akanni Ogundipe, Olufemi Opeyemi Ogundiran
Francisco Tiago Oliveira de Oliveira, Jefferson Petto, Mateus Souza Esquivel, Cristiane Maria Carvalho Costa Dias, Ana Carolina Santana Oliveira, Roque Aras
Cássio Stipanich, Juliana Barbosa Goulardins, Marion Medeiros, Francisca Maria, Clarice Tanaka
Jefferson Petto, Marvyn de Santana do Sacramento, Vinícius Afonso Gomes, André Lemos de Souza Andrade, Alan Carlos Nery dos Santos, Ana Marice Teixeira Ladeia
Ana Lucia Barbosa Goes, Davi Mota de Jesus, Tiago Bastos Silva, Vinícius Cardoso Lago, Luis Agnaldo Pereira de Souza, Ana Marice Teixeira Ladeia
Fernanda Warken Rosa Camelier, Thaissa Bonina da Silva, Roberto Roberto Rodrigues Bandeira Tosta Maciel, Daniel Deivson Alves Portella, Antônio Carlos Magalhães Duarte, Magno Conceição das Mercês

Case Reports

Lucy Chipchase, Abrahão Fontes Baptista, Maxine Te, Simon Summers

Methods & Protocols

Andréa Oliver Gomes, Wendell Rodrigo Ramos, Cristiane dos Anjos Dalfior, Maria Gabriela Cavalcante, Igor de Abreu, Fernando Conrado Abrão

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