Dentistry: New Title, New Scope, Stronger Ethics Guidelines!

The BAHIANA Journal of Odontology (ISSN 2238-2720) is, as of 2018, the Journal of Dentistry & Public Health.

The change in the journal’s name reflects the change in its scope, now aiming to foster the clinical practice based in scientific evidence, covering diagnostic accuracy and effective rehabilitation alternatives with special emphasis in the public health policies that fall within the field of dentistry.

Because of the name and scope change, Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) will only be attributed to the journal and its published papers after January 2019, according to the regulations of both the ISSN International Centre and the requirements of the Crossref DOI attribution process.

A further point, is the mandatory submission of the CAAE ruling number in case report submissions. Following the indications available in the Circular Letter nº 166/2018-CONEP/SECNS/MS of June 12th, 2018, edited by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, all case reports must be approved by the respective institutional Ethics Commission where the study took place.

Best regards,

Dentistry Editorial Team

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