REC/JCN (nursing): New Issue Published – v7n1

The latest issue of the Journal of Contemporary Nursing – JCN (Revista Enfermagem Contemporânea – REC) has just been published and is available for download free of any charge.

Call for Papers – If you have unpublished papers which you would like to have peer reviewed and considered for publication in our journal, you may submit them at our website free of any charge. The JCN accepts manuscripts on nursing and public health, including epidemiological aspects, diseases prevention and treatment and health policies.

Be a reviewer – We would like to highlight that the JCN is a scientific journal published through Open Journal Systems (OJS) as part of the Public Knowledge Project, an initiative to make the scientific knowledge available to the scientific community worldwide. If you are interested in joining our team of reviewers, please send us an email with your academic curriculum.

We are looking forward to your collaboration.

Thank you!

Table of Contents



Ataques ao SUS e consequências nefastas à saúde dos cidadãos brasileiros
Augusto Cesar Costa Cardoso

Original Articles

Antonio Rodrigues Ferreira Junior, Rosalice Araújo de Sousa Albuquerque, Sabrina Rodrigues Aragão, Maria Eunice Nogueira Galeno Rodrigues
Vagner Ferreira do Nascimento, Walber Gineli de Jesus, Bianca Carvalho da Graça, Rosângela Aparecida Gonçalves, Ana Cláudia Pereira Terças, Thalise Yuri Hattori
Élida de Souza de Souza Barreto, Juliana de Souza Oliveira, Anne Jacob de Souza Araújo, Paula Elis de Souza Queiroz, Renata da Silva Schulz
Kelly Graziani Giacchero Vedana, Andreza Fonseca Silva, Camila Corrêa Matias Pereira, Gisele Lobo Silva
Christielle Lidianne Alencar Marinho, Ana Isabel Cezário de Carvalho Conceição, Rudval Souza da Silva
Cristiano Ferreira da Silva, Adamara Nascimento Bueno, Laurindo Pereira de Souza, Marcia Guerino de Lima
Samilla Gonçalves Ferreira de Menezes, Maria Olívia Sobral Fraga de Medeiros

Literature Reviews: Systematic – Integrative – Bibliometric

João Victor Batista Cabral, Thais Patricia da Silva Carneiro, Ana Paula Sousa da Silva
Melisane Regina Lima Ferreira, Rafaele Oliveira Bonfim, Tatiane Cabral Siqueira, Nathalia Halax Orfão
Gislaine Ferreira da Silva, Keyla Dourado Bastos, Anne Jacob de Souza Araújo, Tânia Christiane Ferreira Bispo, Gleide Regina de Sousa Almeida Oliveira, Renata da Silva Schulz

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