Human movement and rehabilitation research, but now with films

Cristiane Maria Carvalho Costa Dias (JPR Editor-in-chief)
Katia Nunes Sá (JPR Editor-in-chief)
João de Deus Barreto Segundo (JPR Executive Editor)

Because, yeah!, why not? Since the mission of the Journal of Physiotherapy Research is to foster physiotherapy both as a profession and as a science domain of evidence based research, why describe movement when you can actually show it? What better evidence than the one you can actually observe?

With that in mind, our editorial board decided it would be best if our community of authors could, instead of simply describing experiments, or picturing them in stills (which is so very 19th century, by the way), to actually submit them as registered in the form of audiovisual supplementary files whenever necessary to the study design.

Committed to ethics, scientific integrity, and openness, the videos will be licensed under a CC-BY attribution license, so that the whole community of physiotherapists and practitioners may freely access the invaluable repository of scientific information that our community will build. Supplementary videos, once the paper it belongs to is approved, will be uploaded to our YouTube channel which will link back to the paper, therefore making both the video and the paper more visible on the internets.

Here are the rules:

  • You may send the videos using password-protected file-sharing services to the emails of the editors-in-chief;
  • The video must be essential to the study design or tests conducted in the experiment;
  • All ethics requirements must had been met prior to submission of the material. Consent from the subjects is essential, and so is identity protection and privacy.

Full Policy for Submissions with Audiovisual Files here. More on our editorial policies here. We do not hold author copyrights.

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