Making the Difference in Education (MDE): a call for experience reports

Iêda Aleluia (RIES Editor-in-chief)
Marta Silva Menezes (RIES Co-Editor-in-Chief)
Sandra Lúcia Brasil (RIES Co-Editor-in-Chief)
José Elias Farias Nery (RIES Executive Editor)

Do you have a positive effective experience working on/with medical or health sciences education? Do you reach out to your students in different & remarkable ways that have positive impacts on their learning experience? Say, a blog perhaps? Or some drama maybe? Oh, come on! Who doesn’t like a little drama?

Would you (yes, please) like to share it with the world?

If so, we have opened up a section in the International Journal of Health Education just for you. It’s called Making the Difference in Education. Yap, you’ve heard it!

Creative approaches on medical education; original methodologies and/or new ways to use a traditional one; techniques, systems and practices that have really worked, or that have not and hypotheses on why they have or haven’t functioned… are all welcome in this section.

Here are the rules:

  1. The report must lay ground for an experience that has to be as replicable as possible;
  2. The paper should present title, background of the situation (the problem or issue that motivated the action), summary of work (what was done and how it was done), summary of results (what worked and, if applicable, what didn’t), what lessons were learned/conclusions (which is the main focus of the report, with a reflexive and critical point of view);
  3. The text is limited to 1.000 words and up to 02 references.

You are invited to submit your very own educational experience on any hot topic regarding the fields within the health sciences educational realm.

More on our editorial policies here. We do not hold author copyrights.

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