We’re open for Registered Reports, Methods & Protocols

An efficient way to prevent unethical research practices such as p-hacking and HARKing, and the publication bias phenomenon is to allow for authors to pre-register their hypotheses and planned analyses in the form of registered reports, before the data collection takes place. To accomplish that and in the spirit of attaining better research, both the Journal of Evidence-based Healthcare (ISSN 2675-021X) and the Journal of Physiotherapy Research (ISSN 2238-2704) have started in 2019 to accept submissions of registered reports, methods and protocols for peer review.

These methods & protocols sections serve to help the readers to distinguish a priori hypothesis testing from posthoc analysis. Through careful peer review, the journals will help the authors who submit papers to these sections to correct methodological flaws before they happen by assessing the experimental design prior to the data collection takes place.

In case of acceptance, the registered reports will be published and the authors will receive a certificate of In Principle Acceptance (IPA), meaning that the journal guarantees publication of a second submission containing the full study but only if the authors conduct the experiment in accordance with the approved protocol. This second submission will be required to include, in the results section, the outcome of the pre-registered analyses.

  • You may submit your paper to the JPR‘s Methods & Protocols section at this link.
  • You may submit your paper to Evidence‘s Registered Reports section at this link.

The BAHIANA Journals Editorial Team

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