Top 10 – February 2020

These are the most accessed articles in February 2020.

1. Professional nursing and safe drug administration
Marilaine M. de Menezes Ferreira, Fernanda da Silva Alves, Fernanda M. Barberino Jacobina

2. Nursing assistance in puerperio
Gabriella Farias Gomes, Ana Paula Vidal Dos Santos

3. PBL, problems that bring solutions
Anabela Queiroz

4. Nursing care systematization: challenges for its implementation
Natália Pereira Marinelli, Allynne Rosane Almeida da Silva, Déborah Nayane de Oliveira Silva

5. Contributions of supervised training of vocational nursing: expectations and challenges
Daniele Lima Evangelista, Olguimar Pereira Ivo

6. Nova classificação das doenças e condições periodontais e peri-implantares
Mônica Dourado Silva Barbosa, Urbino da Rocha Tunes

7. Quality of life, body image and satisfaction in aesthetic treatments
Juliana Barros Ferreira, Larissa Morgan Andrade Lemos, Thais Rocha da Silva

8. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in situations of sexual abuse: a case study
Júlio Gonçalves, Juliana Vieira Silva

9. McKenzie Method in physiotherapy (diagnosis and mechanical therapy): application of logical clinical reasoning and systematic review
Dérrick Patrick Artioli, Gladson Ricardo Flor Bertolini

10. Obstetric violence: painful experiences among Brazilian laboring women
Luciana Pereira Barboza, Alessivânia Mota

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