RIES/IJHE (education): New Issue Published – v4n1

The latest issue of the Bahiana Journals International Journal of Health Education (IJHE) has just been published and is available for download free of any charge.

Call for Papers – If you have unpublished papers which you would like to have peer reviewed and considered for publication in our journal, you may submit them at our website free of any charge. The IJHE accepts papers resulting from original scientific research on higher education development, health education (medical and in the frontier with other health professions and disciplines), with interdisciplinary approaches on education for fostering the health research scientific field.

Be a reviewer – We would like to highlight that the IJHE is a scientific journal published through Open Journal Systems (OJS) as part of the Public Knowledge Project, an initiative to make the scientific knowledge available to the scientific community worldwide. If you are interested in joining our team of reviewers, please send us an email with your academic curriculum.

We are looking forward to your collaboration.

Thank you!

Table of Contents



Educação em tempos de transição
Iêda Aleluia, Ana Verônica Mascarenhas, Sandra Lúcia Brasil

Original Articles

The medicine undergraduate’s path to construct a professional identity from the middle course to the middle of the course
Isabella de Farias Costa Fernandes, Ieda Aleluia
Sexually transmitted infections in the prison population of Alfenas-MG: prevalence study and educational intervention
Victor Hugo Tomazela, Rafael Clemente, Sara Reis de Paula, Luisa Patrícia Fogarolli de Carvalho
Influence of (formal and hidden) syllabus in the formation of medical students’ professional identity
Jacqueline Rego Tardin, Iêda Aleluia

Making the Difference in Education

Home Care: experience of specialty training in an innovative project
Iêda Aleluia, Dilton Mendonça, Marcos Castro Domingues

Experience Reports

Development of skills in controlled environments and simulation for SUS undergratuated users safety
João Carlos da Silva Bizario, Gabriela Furst Vaccarezza, Carolina Felipe Soares Brandão
Continuing education: experience in the SUS network in the central region of São Paulo
Maria Luiza Ferreira De Barba, Gabriela Furst Vaccarezza, Carolina Felipe Soares Brandão, Nivaldo Carneiro Junior
Who saves whom? Saviour siblings and its bioethical aspects
Isabela De Marco Leandro, Thaissa Souza da Silva, Flávia Fernandes Barbosa, Ana Carolina Custodio de Barros, Monaliza Mendes Carvalho da Cruz, Luisa de Oliveira Garcia, Robertha Lima Saab, Anderson Luis Moreira Daher, Ana Cláudia Soares Junqueira, Felipe Zingoni Peçanha, Alexandre Basilio Pillar, Eduardo Rosa Alves do Lago, Sergio Zaidhaft

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