Dentistry: New Issue Published – v12n1

The latest issue of the Journal of Dentistry & Public Health has just been published and is available for download free of any charge.

The Dentistry is a quarterly publication by BAHIANA – School of Medicine and Public Health encompassing papers reporting scientific research on odontology, in its epidemiological aspects, such as diseases prevention and treatment, and public health in general.

Be a reviewer – We would like to highlight that the Dentistry is a scientific journal published through Open Journal Systems (OJS) as part of the Public Knowledge Project, an initiative to make the scientific knowledge available to the scientific community worldwide. If you are interested in joining our team of reviewers, please send us an email with your academic curriculum.

We are looking forward to your collaboration.

Thank you!

Dentistry– Vol 12, No 1 (2021) – Table of Contents

Masthead PDF
Comprehensive health policies for the LGBTQI+
Ricardo Araujo da Silva
The impact of the pandemic on university routine and new ways of doing
Atson Carlos de Souza Fernandes, Patricia Gomes Cerqueira Fernandes

Original Articles

Investment, hospitalizations and deaths from mouth cancer in the city of Feira de Santana, Bahia
Igor Ferreira Borba de Almeida, Deybson Borba de Almeida

Literature Review

Photoactivation systems and their impacts on resources in compound resin: a literature review
Raquel Sampaio Boaventura, Mariana Almeida Basílio
Space maintenance: from etiology to interception
Fernanda Catharino Menezes Franco, Telma Martins de Araújo, Ana Carla Souza Nascimento
Indications and mechanical properties of conventional composite resins and bulk-fill composites: literature review
Letícia Meinberg Pedrosa, Amanda de Oliveira Pinto Ribeiro, João Victor Frazão Câmara, Josué Junior Araujo Pierote
Temporary fixed dentures: integrative literature review and techniques for confection
Andressa Cristina da Silva Queiroz, Robson de Lima Gomes, Gregorio Marcio de Figueiredo Rodrigues, Viviane Figueiredo
Longevity of endodontically treated teeth and restored with metalics and of glass fiber post: an integrative literature review
Viviane Figueiredo, José Luiz Costa Neto, Julia Guedes Alcoforado Souza, Kamila Azoubel Barreto

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