Top 10 – June 2021

These are the most accessed articles in June 2021.

  1. Adolescence, gender and sexuality: a integration review
    Alice Mayra Santiago Amaral, Diana Santos, Helen Cristina da Silva Paes, Isabele dos Santos Dantas, Denise Santana Silva dos Santos
  2. Nursing assistance in puerperio
    Gabriella Farias Gomes, Ana Paula Vidal dos Santos
  3. The impact of personal pseudoscientific beliefs in the pursuit for non-evidence-based health care
    Natália Pasternak Taschner, Carlos Orsi, Paulo Vitor Gomes Almeida, Ronaldo Pilati
  4. Contributions of supervised training of vocational nursing: expectations and challenges
    Daniele Lima Evangelista, Olguimar Pereira Ivo
  5. Clinical listening: an instrument of intervention of psychologists in different contexts
    Ana Aparecida N. M. Braga, Mônica Ramos Daltro, Carlos Alberto Ferreira Danon
  6. Professional nursing and safe drug administration
    Marilaine M. de Menezes Ferreira, Fernanda da Silva Alves, Fernanda M. Barberino Jacobina
  7. Sarcopenia in the elderly: a study review
    Bruno Prata Martinez, Fernanda Warken Rosa Camelier, Aquiles Assunção Camelier
  8. Nursing professionals in the ICU and their role in the pandemic: Legacies of Covid-19
    Jaqueline Fernandes Ribeiro, Josefa Mayara de Figueiredo Andrade, Krysnah Allen da Silva Melo, Francisca Lianne Fernandes Bandeira, Pollyanna Sousa da Silva, Maria Artunilda Bezerra Pinho
  9. The impact of the pandemic on university routine and new ways of doing
    Atson Carlos de Souza Fernandes, Patricia Gomes Cerqueira Fernandes
  10. General Anxiety Disorder under the Perspective of Gestalt Therapy
    Camila Maffioleti Cavaler, Amanda Castro

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