International Journal of Education and Health has now a new section


The International Journal of Education and Health - IJEH, a scientific journal on the Bahiana Journals portal, has just received a new section specifically dedicated to research on primary care experiences.

According to the journal's co-editor, Prof. Ieda Aleluia, the section "Education, Integrality, and Health Care in Primary Health Care" will include empirical articles, conceptual articles, and field reports that problematize, evaluate, and discuss the construction of educational processes for integrality and care in primary health care. She explains that the new section serves to broaden the field of IJEH and deepen the recognition that one of the three pillars of health education, service to the community, is in primary care and is directly related to holism in health care. "Providing a space for exchange, collective knowledge building, and the intertwining of teaching-research-service proved to be a natural need, and therefore the creation of such a section on IJEH came at the right time," she explains.

According to co-editor Prof. Ana Cláudia Carneiro, the section accepts and publishes "original articles that address the primary care population and focus on the students, residents and health professionals' education, original articles with a holistic approach in health care education and health care in general."

Those who want to submit content for evaluation and possible publication in the International Journal on Education and Health (IJEH) new section can send their material to the following address: