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The first Brazilian Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare is a DOAJ-indexed Diamond Open Access journal with the mission to foster evidence-based knowledge in the Biomedical and Life Sciences through the publication of rigorous research and concept articles. Therefore, it accepts and publishes original content focused on the critical scientific exploration of the healthcare field (specifically on the topics of publication bias, predictive values of research findings, inconsistencies in study designs and publications) and validation of clinical tools (accuracy of diagnostic / prognostic methods and efficacy / effectiveness / efficiency of therapies). Also, in order to prevent conflicts of interest, as policy, the Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare does not accept donations nor sponsorship from the industry. Further on our editorial policies here.

But, why Evidence? - In the video below, editor-in-chief Luis Cláudio Correia weighs in on whether we would need (or not) another medical journal in a world that lacks less research, better research and research done for the right reasons (video also available in Portuguese).


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Vol. 5 (2023)

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