End-of-life, ICU, Profissional care, Care of death, Intensive care unit.


INTRODUCTION: Death is part of life cycle and is a mistake to think that care limit is consistent with therapeutic limit. In the intensive care unit environment where we can found any technologies to improve functional status and even save patient life is necessary to set limits between quality of life and length of life Palliative medicine comes up on this environment in order to reach all dimensions demand of patient and family care, being multidisciplinary team responsible for that. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the role of the multidisciplinary team in the terminal patient care. METHODOLOGY: This is a systematic review, searches of articles were performed in PubMed, the Virtual Health Library (BVS) and Scientific Electronic Library Online Brazil (Scielo). In the beginning the articles and titles were read, then resumed and then selection was completed ready. The items selected were applied in accordance with the PRISMA score criterion, and the sum should be greater than 70% of the items to be part of the study. RESULTS: 864 articles were found, after select articles by title, 64 abstracts were rea. 29 articles were ready in full by Prisma analysis 12 and were included in Article 9 of these were 2 literature reviews, 2 multicenter, 1 exploratory research - descritive, 1 study quantitative and qualitative, descriptive study 1, 1 cross sectional studies and 1 randomized study. CONCLUSION: The intensive care unit is the environment where the multi-professional team is more aligned, but when the subject is palliative care literature It demonstrates that there is not so synchronously. Palliative care deserve greater attention in order to conduct death in a peaceful and dignified manner.


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  • Thyara Batalha de Matos Gouveia, Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública
    10º semestre de medicina da Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública.





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MULTIPROFESSIONAL CARE IN TERMINAL ICU PATIENT: SYSTEMATIC REVIEW. (2017). International Journal of Education and Health, 1(1), 31-43.

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