Methodology for approach of the social stigma of the diseases in the medicine course: experience report


  • Meirelayne Borges Duarte UNIFACS - UNIVERSIDADE SALVADOR



Social stigma, audiovisual media, social networks


Introduction: According to the National Curricular Guidelines, the graduate of the Medical Course should have a generalist, humanistic, critical and reflexive education, with a sense of social responsibility and commitment to citizenship, as a promoter of the integral health of the human being. Several diseases are stigmatized in our contemporary society, which results in deterioration of social identity, aggravation of functional limitations and reduction of rehabilitation possibilities. Objective: To report the experience of the Social Stigma of Diseases approach in the Medicine course. Methodology: After sensitization with a documentary on the social stigma of leprosy, followed by a brief dialogue about the theme, the students of three classes of the fourth semester of the Medicine Course (50 students / class) were invited to elaborate audiovisual media combating stigma of any stigmatized diseases, for dissemination in social networks. Results: The students were very sensitive to the theme, sharing their impressions and some testimonials about the stigma experienced by themselves and their families with stigmatizing diseases. All 30 teams of 5 students adhered to the proposal, of an optional nature, being produced 30 media (flyers or videos) that, through social networks, can help society to deconstruct the social stigma of diseases. Conclusion: The methodology used was effective in raising the awareness of medical students about the subject and culminated in the production of audiovisual media, which can be used in social networks, as a strategy to reduce the social stigma of diseases and the promotion of recognition of citizenship and dignity human disease of the carriers of such diseases.


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  • Meirelayne Borges Duarte, UNIFACS - UNIVERSIDADE SALVADOR

    Mestra em Medicina e Saúde com ênfase em Epidemiologia

    Profa. Adjunta do Curso de Medicina da UNIFACS - Universidade Salvador

    Salvador, Bahia Brasil






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