Op-Ed | Ciência sem gravata e com Evidência

Quando começamos a debater a possibilidade de criar a Evidence, a primeira questão que surgiu se referia ao porquê da necessidade de outra revista biomédica em um ambiente altamente competitivo, repleto de periódicos. Neste sentido, lembramos da frase de Douglas Altman em seu famoso artigo de 1994, The Scandal of Poor Medical Research: “precisamos de menos pesquisas, melhores pesquisas e pesquisas feitas pelas razões certas”.

RPDS/JPDH (psychology): New Issue Published – v7n2

The latest issue of the Journal of Psychology, Diversity and Health – JPDH (Revista Psicologia, Diversidade e Saúde – RPDS) has just been published and is available for download free of any charge. Call for Papers – If you have unpublished papers which you would like to have peer reviewed and considered for publication in our journal, you may submit them at our ...

Op-Ed [video] | The case for more Evidence, less papers

Below, you may watch the video launching Evidence, the Journal of Evidence-based Healthcare, published by BAHIANA - School of Medicine and Public Health. Evidence's editor-in-chief, Luis Cláudio Correia, weighs in on why we would need another medical journal in a world that lacks "better research and research done for the right reasons" as stated by ...

Op-Ed | On presenting Evidence and unboxing science

The first question we faced as we gathered to discuss the possibility of launching Evidence (then just called the new journal on evidence-based medicine, still no caps) was why (and if) we did need another medical journal in an highly competitive environment already full of those. Douglas Altman stated that we needed “less research, better research and research done for the right reasons” in his famous 1994 article “The Scandal of Poor Medical Research.

Dentistry: New Title, New Scope, Stronger Ethics Guidelines!

The BAHIANA Journal of Odontology (ISSN 2238-2720) is, as of 2018, the Journal of Dentistry & Public Health. The change in the journal’s name reflects the change in its scope, now aiming to foster the clinical practice based in scientific evidence, covering diagnostic accuracy and effective rehabilitation alternatives with special emphasis in the public health ...